Laennec Human Placenta



Place of Origin : Japan
Packaging : 50 amps
Recommended Dosage : IM only, 1 amp daily

出产地 : 瑞士
包装 : 50瓶水剂
推荐剂量 : 肌注,每日1瓶
Composition :
Human Placenta 2ml


人体胎盘素 2ml

LAENNEC from JBP is the world’s largest manufacturer of HUMAN PLACENTAL EXTRACTS pharmaceutical and cosmetics. JBP’s 70 years of research in placental extracts continuously uncovers various benefits of LAENNEC. This research has seen a surge with the development of bio genome technology.

Thru many years of use and continuous trials, it is now understood that LAENNEC is effective across a wide range of indications. LAENNEC’s effectiveness has attracted attention in the areas of Preventive and Regenerative Medicine, Anti Aging and Aesthetics.

JBP’s high safety standards and expertise as well as a vast amount of clinical test reports give doctors across the glove the confidence to prescribe LAENNEC.

Indications of Laennec
Laennec is an ethical drug manufactured with JBP’s unique technology for effective extraction of a variety of growth factors, cytokines and other physiologically active substances from the placenta.

LAENNEC for Aesthetics and Anti Aging
LAENNEC stimulates normal growth, regenerates and repairs aged or injured muscle skin, collagen, cartilage, and nerve tissue which in turn shows improvement in epidermal elasticity, thickness, reduction of wrinkles, eye bags, dull skin tone, refining of facial pores, blotches, melesma, pigmentation, eczema, dermatitis, keloids, scars, etc. In our recent clinical trials, we have established a relationship between skin whitening and the use of LAENNEC.

LAENNEC helps to prevent and regulate aging and wear of different organs such as the brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and digestive system. It also promotes tissue respiration and Improvement in blood circulation, strengthening of immune system, concentration, eyesight and enhancement of stamina and energy.

Proven also to be effective for pre menopausal women by reduction in PMS symptoms and delaying menopause, LAENNEC increases sexual energy and appetite for both sexes. LAENNEC helps in replenishing essential nutrients and quickens the healing of wounds, surgery and diabetic ulcers.



功能作用 :-
调节和平衡内分泌、延长青春期,抗衰老作用明显,对高龄者的维持体力与精力的恢复、能够从细胞开始达到返老还童的效果 解毒,保护肝脏,在针对肝脏损伤,酒精肝,肝功能回复方面具有很好的功效
改善妇产科疾患, 更年期障碍、更年期前综合症、月经不顺、痛经等。(因此剂中不含有雌激素,故有子宫内膜炎、子宫肌瘤、子宫癌、乳癌等病史的患者亦可应用)
修复受伤的皮肤组织,促进创伤修复作用,加速伤口愈合,对病愈回复有极大帮助,提高身体抗突变和环境损伤能力; 提升基础代谢作用,使基础代谢更加旺盛,使细胞、器官或脏器功能活化

临床功能 :-
免疫性疾病息、过敏性疾病、风湿、气喘、过敏性皮炎、化学物质或食物过敏、自身免疫性疾病等。 妇产科疾患, 更年期障碍、更年期前综合症、月经不顺、痛经等。(因此剂中不含有雌激素,故有子宫内膜炎、子宫肌瘤、子宫癌、乳癌等病史的患者亦可应用)抗老化、返老还童、抗疲劳。应用胎盘的抗老治疗法,在世界上以欧美为中心已经被广泛应用。对高龄者的维持体力与精力的恢复、能够从细胞开始达到返老还童的效果。

LAENNEC对慢性肝炎及肝硬变的治疗效果,经以全国(日本)124例为对象,用Cross Over二重盲检法进行试验的结果表明,确认了LAENNEC的投与,明顕的改善了血清转氨酶(GOT、GPT)値。

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