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Glutax 70000GM Marine White Optimum

Place of Origin : Italy Packaging : 4 sets (4 amps + 12 vials) Recommended Dosage : IM or IV, 1 set per week for first 2 months; then reduce to 1 set every two weeks for maintenance 出产地 : 意大利 包装 : 4套(4瓶水剂 + 12瓶粉剂) 推荐剂量 : 肌注或静注,前两个月每周1套;减少至每两周1套以维持效果   Composition : Marine Glutathione S-transferases 70000g Bio-DNA Cellular Marine Complex 4000mg Marine Collagen Tri-Peptide 2600mg Marine Minerals Multivitamins 15000mg DNA Marine White Elements 3000mg Marine-D3 500mg Hydro MN Peptide (Marine Cartilage Extract) 7200mg   成分  海洋谷胱甘肽S-转移酶 70000g 海洋生物细胞DNA复合物 4000mg 海洋胶原三肽2600mg 海洋矿物质多种维生素15000mg DNA海洋美白元素3000mg Marine-D3 500mg 水溶性MN-肽(海洋软骨提取物)7200mg
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