Glutax 8000gz Micro Pro S-Acetyl

Product Name
The components of glutathione concentration to 8000Gz from Italy made a blue tac 8000 forte is glutathione that of the sensitivity on the market now white within one week improves the performance spectrum, the faster 10 times with a molecule drugs.

Small Production Italy with a mixture of glutathione and increased to 8000mg combination of Alpha Lipoic Acid is a stimulating glutathione in our bodies that already exist. And glutathione injections.

After the injection of glutathione, or eat and then get upset but I assure you this will be the white spray with the most satisfied. Together with a blend of Collagen Extract Your skin and skin whitening aura bounce magically white aura bounce firm and smooth as silk with old skin burns.

Skin from the sun Accelerate the creation of new skin cells, smooth vivid than ever. Inhibition of melanin By inhibiting the enzyme Tyrosinase the skin by inhibiting melanin. Antioxidants And helps to prevent cell degeneration. Add moisture to the skin It also resists wrinkles, too.

And kojic acid cleans the pores. Helps heal the skin to reduce acne. Toned hair and a smaller crowd. Reducing wrinkles as well. Makes skin smooth and balancing skin. Ideal for sensitive skin. Prevent water loss Accelerate skin quickly Free radicals attack the skin slow the degeneration of skin cells from the sun. Protection from free radicals

  Place of Origin : Italy   ❂ Micro Pro S-Acetyl Glutathione 8000g
❂ Alpha Lipoic Acid 1500mg
❂ Epidermal Growth Factor 2500mg
❂ Kojic Acid 1200mg
❂ Multivitamin 5000mg
❂ Natural Collagen 2000mg
❂ Selenium 1800mg
❂ Aminogen-Z Multi Amino Acid
❂ Xenogenic Stem Cell 425mg
❂ Oxyforce Cellular White Factor 850mg

  Packaging :  4 sets (12 amps + 8 vials)
Recommended Dosage :  IM or IV, 1 set per week for first 2 months; then reduce to 1 set every two weeks for maintenance

出产地 : 意大利 包装 : 4套(12瓶水剂 + 8瓶粉剂) 推荐剂量 : 肌注或静注,前两个月每周1套;减少至每两周1套以维持效果
  成分 :
S-乙酰谷胱甘肽 8000g
硫辛酸 1500mg
表皮生长因子 2500mg
多种维生素 500mg
天然胶原蛋白 2000mg
克硒 1800mg
Aminogen-Z 综合氨基酸
异种干细胞 425mg
Oxyforce细胞美白因子 850mg
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