Glutax 75GS Nano Pro Cell



Place of Origin : Italy
Packaging : 10 sets (20 amps + 10 vials)
Recommended Dosage : IM or IV, 1 set per week for first 2 months; then reduce to 1 set every two weeks for maintenance
出产地 : 意大利
包装 : 10套(10瓶水剂 + 20瓶粉剂)
推荐剂量 : 肌注或静注,前两个月每周1套;减少至每两周1套以维持效果

Composition : –

Nano Glutathione 75000mg

Nano Ascorbic Acid 5000mg

Epidermal Growth Factor 2000mg

Kojic Acid 500mg

Alpha Lipoic Acid 3500mg

Collagen Extract 600mg

Vitamin E 400mg

Pro Vitamin B3 500mg

Pro Vitamin B5 500mg

Apple Stem Cell 285mg

成分 :

纳米谷胱甘肽 75000mg

纳米抗坏血酸 5000mg

表皮生长因子 2000mg

曲酸 500mg

硫辛酸 3500mg

胶原蛋白提取物 600mg

维生素E 400mg

维生素B3 500mg

维生素B5 500mg

苹果干细胞 285mg

Apple Stem Cells Protect Human Skin Cells
Studies show that apple stem cells boosts production of human stem cells, protect the cell from stress, and decreases wrinkles. How does it work? The internal fluid of these plant cells contains components that help to protect and maintain human stem cells. Apple stem cells contain metabolites to ensure longevity as the tree is known for the fact that its fruit keep well over long periods of time.

When tested in vitro, the apple stem cell extract was applied to human stem cells from umbilical cords and was found to increase the number of the stem cells in culture. Furthermore, the addition of the ingredient to umbilical cord stem cells appeared to protect the cells from environmental stress such as UV light.

Apple stem cells do not have to be fed through the umbilical cord to benefit our skin! The extract derived from the plant cell culture technology is being harnessed as an active ingredient in anti aging skincare products. When delivered into the skin nanotechnology, the apple stem cells provide more dramatic results in decreasing lines, wrinkles, and environmental damage.


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