Glutax 3GS Ultra Whitening




Place of Origin : Italy Packaging : 6 sets (12 amps + 6 vials) Recommended Dosage : IM or IV, 1 set per week for first 2 months; then reduce to 1 set every two weeks for maintenance
出产地 : 意大利 包装 : 6套(12瓶水剂 + 6瓶粉剂) 推荐剂量 : 肌注或静注,前两个月每周1套;减少至每两周1套以维持效果
Composition : Glutathione 3000mg Ascorbic Acid 1500mg Alpha Lipoic Acid 200mg Collagen Extract 350mg Vitamin E 300mg Pro-Vitamin B3 250mg Pro-Vitamin B5 100mg
成分: 谷胱甘肽 3000mg 抗坏血酸 1500mg 硫辛酸 200mg 胶原蛋白提取物 350mg 维生素E 300mg 维生素B3 250mg 维生素B5 100mg
What is Glutathione? Glutathione (GSH) is a tripeptide with a gamma peptide linkage between the amine group of cysteine (which is attached by normal peptide linkage to a glycine) and the carboxyl group of the glutamate side-chain. It is an antioxidant, preventing damage to important cellular components caused byreactive oxygen species such as free radicals and peroxides. Glutathione, especially those in liver cells, also can transform some very toxic bacterial and perhaps viral toxins in the same way, and cause them to be less harmful and more easily removed from the body. It helps in maintaining the immune system too. Nowadays, glutathione is widely used in skin-care products and becomes the main composition of whitening injections. Meanwhile, a combination of glutathione and ascorbic acid will be more effective in whitening and antioxidant. Functions of Glutathione : – ✔ Detoxification ✔ Radiation protection ✔ Liver protection ✔ Anti-allergy ✔ Disease-modifying ✔ Beauty treatment ✔ Improve vision problems ✔ Anti-aging ✔ Food
谷胱甘肽是由谷氨酸、半胱氨酸和甘氨酸结合,含有巯基的的三肽,具有抗氧化作用和整合解毒作用。 谷胱甘肽(尤其是肝细胞内的谷胱甘肽)能参与生物转化作用,从而把机体内有害的毒物转化为无害的物质,排泄出体外。谷胱甘肽还能帮助保持正常免疫系统的功能。 谷胱甘肽如今已被广泛应用于美容产品,也成为美白针的主要成分。另外,谷胱甘肽与维生素C并用,能够增强美白和抗氧化功效。 作用 :- ✔ 解毒 ✔ 辐射病及辐射防护 ✔ 保护肝脏 ✔ 抗过敏 ✔ 改善某些疾病的病程和症状 ✔ 养颜美容护肤 ✔ 改善视力及眼科疾病 ✔ 抗衰老作用
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