Evgenis Regeneration Pack



Place of Origin : Switzerland
Packaging : –
Composition 1 – 5 sets (5 amps + 5 vials) & 1 amp Embryonic Stem Cell
Composition 2 – 5 sets (5 amps + 5 vials) & 1 amp Embryonic Stem Cell
Recommended Dosage : Please refer below
出产地 : 瑞士
包装 : –
组合1 – 5套(5瓶水剂 + 5瓶粉剂) & 1支胚胎干细胞
组合2 – 5套(5瓶水剂 + 5瓶粉剂) & 1支胚胎干细胞
推荐剂量 : 请看下面
4 in 1 Effects : Whitening · Rejuvenation · Body Firming · Skin Radiance
COMPOSITION 1  5 ampoules x 10ml solutions
Liponsomal Vitamin C 2000mg
Coenzymes Q10 500mg
Active Tri-peptide 100mg
5 vials x Lyophilized Powder
Liposomal Glutathione 500mg
Melanin Inhibit Factor (MIF) 2000mcg
Whitening & Repair Factor 3000mcg
1 ampoule x 10ml
Embryonic Stem Cell (EESC®)
  COMPOSITION 2 5 ampoules x 10ml solutions
Liponsomal Vitamin C 2000mg
Natural Collagen Extract 1000mg
Hyaluromic Acid 350mg
5 vials x Lyophilized Powder
Liposomal Glutathione 1500mg
High Alpha Lipoic Acid 600mg
1 ampoule x 10ml
Embryonic Stem Cell (EESC®)
  Recommended Dosage : –
Composition 1 with 1 ampoule of 10ml solutions mix with 1 vial of lyophilized powder per day, Intravenous (IV) influsion. With completed of composition 1 continue with 10ml for Embryonic Stem Cell (EESC®), Intravenous (IV) influsion.

Do not interrupt or prolong the treatment period as indicated in the package information.
4合1功效 :美白 · 恢复青春 · 紧致塑身 · 光泽肌肤
组合1 5瓶水剂 10ml
维生素C脂质体 2000mg
辅酶Q10 500mg

脂质体谷胱甘肽 500mg
黑色素抑制因子(MIF) 2000mcg
美白修复因子 3000mcg
胚胎干细胞( EESC ® )10ml
  组合2 5瓶水剂 10ml
维生素C脂质体 2000mg
天然提取物胶原蛋白 1000mg
透明质酸 350mg
脂质体谷胱甘肽 1500mg
高硫辛酸 600mg
胚胎干细胞( EESC ® )10ml
  推介剂量 :
组合1 – 每日静注水剂和粉剂各一瓶的混合物,完成后静注10ml的胚胎干细胞( EESC ® )
组合2 – 每日静注水剂和粉剂各一瓶的混合物,完成后静注10ml的胚胎干细胞( EESC ® )
Ageing is a complex process that involves every cell and organ in the body and that leads to the deterioration of many body functions over the lifespan of an individual.

【What Is Melanin Inhibit Factor & How It Works ?】
✼ Melanin also called ‘pigment’ is a substance that gives the skin & hair its natural colour.
✼ In humans, those with darker skin have higher amounts of melanin.
✼ By contrast, those with less pigment have lighter or fairer skin colouring.
✼ Melanocytes are cells that produce melanin, a dark pigment responsible for the colouration of hair & skin.
✼ Melanin serves a number of functions in the body & these cells a found in all people. Colouration of hair & skin is determined not by how many melanocytes someone has, but how active these cells are.
✼ They usually are buried below the surface.
✼ The cells produce melanin in response to environmental cause, including exposure to ultraviolet radiation & certain chemicals.
✼ The melanin travel out of the melanocytes & up to the surface of the tissue where the cells are found.
✼ MIF inhibits the melanocytes activity to prevent future unwanted pigmentation.
【Effects of Liposome on the Skin】
Liposomes are used in a variety of skin care rejuvenation products because of their ability to encapsulate active anti-aging ingredients and deliver them deep into the cells. Liposome acts as an efficient delivery system. When a gel or cream with liposomes is applied to the skin it is quickly absorbed and penetrates into the deep layers of the skin merging with the cell membranes and deposit the active ingredients into the cell membranes. The effects of liposomes benefit the skin in several ways, one of which is delaying the beginning signs of aging.
Effects to the Skin
In addition to delaying the appearance of wrinkles and skin aging, liposomes provide other unique qualities and benefits to the skin. A special characteristic of liposomes is the ability to adapt to water soluble and non water soluble ingredients within a product such as a cosmetic cream or gel without the use of a surfactant (an active ingredient in soap). Or an emulsifier, a substance added to oil to help the oil mix with water. Not having to add these ingredients make the cosmetic product safer for the skin.

Other Effects
Liposomes also improve skin hydration making the texture of the skin softer and smoother. Liposomes prevent oxidation (the combination of a substance with oxygen, an example is the rusting of iron due to oxygen). It’s non toxic, biodegradable and absorbs quickly into the skin which means other skin products may be applied soon after its application. Liposomes are nano-sized particles with a high affinity to the skin and they are highly absorbent.
Additional Benefits
Liposomes are usually combined with several other anti-aging ingredients into to one product. It’s used as a delivery system to get the active ingredients directly through to the cell membranes where their action will be most effective in improving the condition and appearance of the skin. It also helps to provide the cells with nutrients which enhance the production of collagen.

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