Evgenis Embryonic Stem Cell



Place of Origin : Switzerland
Packaging : 6 amps
Recommended Dosage : IM only, 1 amp per week
出产地 : 瑞士
包装 : 6瓶水剂
推荐剂量 : 肌注,每周1瓶
Why do human get aging?
Ageing is a complex process that involves every cell and organ in the body and that leads to the deterioration of many body functions over the lifespan of an individual.

What happens to the body with age?
The underlying cause of aging : –
the skin loses its elasticity
injuries heal more slowly than in childhood
bones turn brittle and take much longer to heal when fractured lung tissue loses its elasticity
muscles of the rib cage shrink
blood vessels accumulate fatty deposits and become less flexible, which results in arteriosclerosis
the reduced capacity to regenerate injured tissues or organs
What is the roll of stem cell in aging?
Stem cells are essential building blocks for all organisms. They can divide and renew themselves throughout life, differentiating into the specialized tissues needed during development, as well as cells necessary to repair adult tissue.

However, they recreate themselves and regenerate tissues throughout a person’s lifetime, but that doesn’t mean they don’t age. They do, gradually losing their ability to effectively maintain tissues and organs.
The aging process is the result of the inability of various types of our body stem cells to continue to replenish the tissues of an organism with functional differentiated cells capable of maintaining that tissue (or organ) original function.

What are the steps for Regenerative and Anti Aging?
If you wish to bring back the healthy and refreshing years of your life, stem cell products can help you to improve general physical health and as a result reduces fatigue and enhances individuals’ capacity to work.
Among other advantages of stem cell products are mental capacity and decision-making pace enhancement, short-term memory loss repair and emotional balance. Also, these products also positively affect skin color, wrinkles, eyes-brightening and skin resurfacing.
为什么人类会衰老? 衰老是一种正常而复杂的生物学过程,是所有生物的共同特征,衰老可以降低机体面对环境威胁维持动态平衡的能力,从而增加机体患病和死亡的可能性。 以下是人体衰老会出现的状况:- 皮肤失去弹性 伤口愈合比童年慢 骨骼疏松,骨折后需要长时间来愈合 肺组织失去弹性 肋骨的肌肉萎缩 血管积聚脂肪和变得不灵活而导致动脉硬化 组织与器官再生能力变弱 干细胞在衰老过程的作用 干细胞是从植物到人类所有生物体的重要基石。干细胞在整个生命过程中可以分裂和自我更新,能分化成所需的专门器官组织以及修复成年组织的必要的细胞。 因此,干细胞被认为是不朽的,他们能在整个生命周期中重建自己和再生组织,但是这并不意味着他们不会老化。干细胞也会逐渐失去了自己的能力,丧失维护组织和器官的能力。 衰老是任何多细胞生物随着时间的推移而产生的一种自发性的必然过程,一般地说,是指随着年龄的增长, 而产生的一系列生理学和解剖学方面的变化,表现为组织改变,器官衰老及其功能适应性和抵抗力的减退。 如何恢复青春和抗老化? 如果您想重拾健康的体格与青春的样貌,干细胞系列产品就是您的选择。 干细胞通过注特定的多种细胞(包括各种干细胞和免疫细胞),激活人体自身的“自愈功能”,对病变的细胞进行补充与调控,激活细胞功能,增加正常细胞的数量,提高细胞的活性,改善细胞的质量,防止和延缓细胞的病变,恢复细胞的正常生理功能,从而达到疾病康复、对抗衰老的目的。 该产品可帮助减少疲劳,提高工作能力。它同时也可以提升您决策的速度,增强记忆力暂失忆和平衡情商。 此外,干细胞产品修复肤色与皱纹,名目和提升。
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