Biocell Placenta Extracts



Place of Origin : Switzerland
Packaging : 50 amps
Recommended Dosage : IM only, 1 amp daily
出产地 : 瑞士
包装 : 50瓶水剂
推荐剂量 : 肌注,每日1瓶
Composition :
Vitamin C 500mg
Plant Collagen 500mg
成分 :
维生素C 500mg
植物胶原蛋白 500mg
What is Placenta? Placenta is the fetal placenta to grow the fetus. It contains ample amount of Growth Factors which promotes cell division. This function in the Placental Growth Factor that activates metabolism, rapidly repair skin and injured body parts.

In modern times, Placenta has been patronized by Hollywood stars who work with well informed anti-aging doctors, Asian movie stars and many famous people as “the medicine of longevity”, as it have been reported since ancient times.

Placenta has also been formulated in anti-aging skincare cosmetics, as well as being a top choice by well informed aesthetic and medical institutions in Japan, which has proven the high degree of its effectiveness.
Placenta can affect all parts of the body from deep inside; it rejuvenates the skin and body from the cellular level. Although the time it takes to see its effects and the degree of rejuvenation depends on people, most who start to supplement with placenta realizes its amazing effectiveness to a large degree.
One problem is that it is a bit pricey, however, this is the secret Ultimate anti-aging weapon that the celebrities don’t want the common people to know!
The Effects of Placenta
The effects of placenta is varied, and reaches every cell of the body from the inside. The location in the body, the degree of effects vary from person to person, however, it has been reported that the weakest body parts show the fastest improvement.

Effects to the Skin
The effects to the skin are not only limited to the epidermis, but to the deepest part of the skin, dermis. In other words, it works to repair the most difficult conditions, such as wrinkles and scars. With the use of expensive beauty potion, only the tiny friction of its components reaches the dermis, which is not enough to reverse wrinkles. Placenta makes this possible, because works from the inside of the body.
Of course, the effect is not only the facial skin but the entire body.
It promotes the turnover of the epidermis, to eliminate discoloration and dullness, create bright-fresh skin. It produces collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid in the dermis. This, at the same time, gives the skin elasticity and firmness, and creates a firm skin which maintains moisture. As a result, major aging skin issues such as wrinkles, scars and large pores are eliminated, and made into finer texture.
It is also effective on Acne skin, which is one of the characteristics of the placenta.

Effects on Health
Many people are sick or in poor physical condition due to the slow recovery / repairing of the body and lowered resistance to viruses. Early repair of the body to increase your metabolism can prevent and heal various diseases, which creates a healthy body without fatigue.

Other effects include stabilizing the mental condition, which is why Placenta is used to treat depression, autonomic ataxia, and insomnia.

Other Effects
Slimming effect can be expected also by the action of placenta, by increasing the basal metabolism. In addition, normalization and reduction of the excess male hormones, in addition to the adjustment of the autonomic nervous system, by the action of mitogen hair matrix cells, hair loss prevention, and even the hair growth effect has also been seen. And there are many positive effects not yet been discovered.

Placenta is so effective because it is full of important active ingredients that promote health and beautiful skin. Nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, nucleic acids, enzymes, mucopolysaccharides, active peptides, and amino acids, plus Growth Factors, which is the most powerful component that placenta is characterized by.

The Action of the Placenta
Regulates the autonomic nerves
Regulates the internal secretion of hormones
Strengthens the immune system
Improves and speeds up basal metabolism
Removes reactive oxygen (free-radical)
Acts as an anti-inflammatory agent
Controls blood pressure
Accelerates healing of wounds and damaged tissue
Acts as a mood stabilizer
Strengthens the functioning of the liver
Increases milk production in pregnant women
Acts as an anti-allergenic agent
Improves physical condition
Improves circulation of the blood
Accelerates hematosis
As you read, it may have struck you as The Longevity Medicine! In fact, placenta has been loved by many famous people from ancient times as a medicine of longevity. Placenta makes true longevity possible due to its ability to form all of the body of mammals, including the skin and organs in just a few months.

Placenta has the effect so great that it is said to be the ultimate supplement. However, its real strength is demonstrated by continuing to take for a period of time.

In a short period, the complete regeneration of the body and skin may not be achieved, however, effects such as a trimmed body and general health improvements and beautification of the skin, should be felt.




胎盘素的主要功能 :-
美肌、美白、过敏性皮炎、抑制过敏反应、促进伤口愈合、皮肤干燥症、雀斑、痛经、冻伤、月经不调、手脚冰凉、雷诺氏(Raynaud )现象、便秘、更年期障碍、眩晕、 潮热、焦燥、强化肝脏等脏器机能、造血作用、促进血液循环、高血脂、腰痛、肩膀酸痛、全身性关节痛、肌肉痛、胶原性疾病、风湿病、增强免疫力和抗疲劳作用。

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